Treasurer Nominees

Voting Info:

The Nominating Committee has diligently worked to identify candidates for our open Treasurer position for a three-year term. Thanks to our nominees, Karen Hopkins and Jim Morton, who are willing to serve, if elected (scroll down for bios). All full members of Pearce are encouraged to vote in one of three ways:

1) In-person at the reception desk during the week of June 7-11 (until 5 pm on Friday), or

2) In-person at the worship services on the weekend of June 12-13

3) Or online from June 7-13. Please use the link to vote by Sunday, June 13 at 1 pm.

If you have questions, please contact the church office at [email protected] or 585-594-9488 by June 11.

Official Treasurer Nominees

Take a minute to meet our Official Treasurer Nominees and prayerfully consider your selection.


I came to faith as a child but it wasn’t until about 17 years ago when I came to P4K, and subsequently Pearce, that my faith grew into adulthood. Pearce has supported me, fed me, sent my family and me to Romania, and nurtured my faith throughout these years. For this reason, I think Pearce needs to have a strong focus on welcoming and engaging families. Part of my faith journey was accepting brokenness in my past and letting God use that. The ministries of Pearce that reach out to the broken, disenfranchised, and hurting are so important for the health of the church.

I have served in youth ministry for the last 19 years. In the last three years I have also been teaching preschoolers, as I think it is important for families to get connected when their children are very small. I am currently serving on the Great Commission Leadership Team.

My vision for Pearce is that we would be a church that is all moving in the same direction and actively listening to God; that we would be open to letting GOOD things go to make way for GREAT things; and that our church would be passionate for the same people that Christ is passionate for.

I work at the large Global Medical Diagnostics company as the Manager of Service Analytics and Insights. In this role, I support leadership with the presentation of financial, service, and customer excellence data, as well as finding insights that can drive business decisions. Additionally, I am responsible for driving data visualization projects to improve access to and understanding of data. I also hold certifications in Process Excellence and Quality Auditing.


I am grateful for being raised in a Christian home and knowing the Lord my whole life. I have been on a journey towards holiness with a significant personal step in high school. I continue to look to Christ and let Christ work in me every day.

Ministries I’ve been involved in during the last three years include children’s ministry, technical ministry for worship and helping kindergarten and first grade. Also, I help in the backpack ministry, delivering food to the schools weekly.

My vision for Pearce Church is to see the people of Pearce carry out its vision with passion, purpose and priority for eternal significance. Passion for the unchurched, purpose to make disciples and to make eternal things, people’s lives, our priority.

I have been in the business world for thirty-five years, running departments, being responsible for budgets, and analyzing numbers daily to run the operations of our company. I’ve also served on the Pearce Official Board for several years and on the Finance Committee.

Current Official Board Members
Julie Grimm
Jamie Chalmers
Linda Mantegna
Mark Bates
Matt Kerwin
Mike Faro
Susanne Mohnkern
Terry Taber
Mike Wilson